AOI and X-ray verification

100% of the products manufactured at Montronic are reviewed with AOI technology (Automatic Optical Inspection). Adding 3D technology to this machinery considerably increases the reliability of this review. Aspects such as the presence of components, polarity, coplanarity, printing, and all visible soldering are reviewed by this kind of machine.

But not all soldering is visible. This is why Montronic uses XRAY inspection for components that cannot be reviewed with AOI. Components with BGA, QFN, LGA format, etc., require this technology both in the industrialisation phase (adjusting the process to obtain the best possible result) and in the production phase to qualitatively control the process.

In the lighting sector, the use of XRAY technology is mandatory to assess the void percentage generated in the soldering process on the heatsink pad. This percentage is what determines the LED’s hours of life.